Euclidean Rhythms update

We just updated Euclidean Rhythms to version 1.0.3, fixing an obscure bug that at certain tempo and sample rate combinations caused Euclidean to trigger unwanted notes.

At the same time we added some more info to our Quick Tip videos, so check them out if you haven’t already.

Are there any other subjects you would like to know more about? Let us know in the comments!

Connecting Reason to VCV Rack with Soundflower

With the new CV-I/O devices, it is possible to send Reason CV signals as audio to and from your external synthesizer, but also to other programs in your computer. This tutorial will show how to do this on a Mac using an app called Soundflower. The process is similar for Windows, using other apps.

As the other program we will use VCV Rack. It’s a free, open-source virtual modular synthesizer, and works great to use in combination with Reason.

Sending notes to track in Reason 9

One of the most common support questions we receive for Step and Euclid is “How can I record the notes from Step/Euclid to a sequencer track?”.
Notes to track

Previously, the solution has involved routing the output of Step or Euclid through an External MIDI Instrument device and looping it back into Reason using a virtual MIDI interface, recording the notes in real time. This works, but it’s pretty cumbersome to set up, and you have to deal with latency issues.

But all this will change when Reason 9 arrives on June 21st.