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AC-1 Acoustic Clapper is a sample-based handclap player with built-in rhythms that enables you to quickly add great and realistic sounding handclaps to your song. With full control over the number of clappers, how hard or sloppy they clap, and close/room mic balance, this is the go-to device for all your acoustic handclap needs!

AC-1 Front PanelAC-1 Back Panel


Sampled With Care

For AC-1, we sampled 120 hand claps at 5 different velocities. We used multiple microphones to give you control over the balance between the close and room mics. It’s just like mixing your own multi-tracked recording!

For the dry sound we used a Golden Age R1 Active MkIII ribbon microphone at a distance of about half a meter. For the room mics we used a AB-pair of Studio Electronics B1.


Control the Performance

You can alter the amount of clappers, their placement in the room, and even change their relative timing. Do you want them to play tight or sloppy, or somewhere in between? You decide! You can fully automate all parameters, or control them via CV.


Kickstart Rhythms

AC-1 Auto RhythmAC-1 comes with a preset rhythm section that helps you get started as quickly as possible. Auto Rhythm has 4 patterns, each with their unique fill-in variation. The Intensity knob affects of hard the rhythms are clapped. It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Demo Songs



  • 120 samples distributed over 5 velocity layers
  • Recorded with separate microphones, close (mono) and ambience (stereo)
  • Clappers:  1 – 8
  • Stereo Spread:  0 – 100%
  • Slop:  0 – 100%
  • Room:  0 – 100%
  • Intensity:  20 – 100%
  • Auto Rhythm with 4 preset patterns: Pop, Rock, Disco and All 4
  • One fill variation per pattern
  • CV Gate input (velocity sensitive)
  • CV Modulation inputs (with trim knobs): Clappers, Spread, Slop, Room, Intensity
  • CV Gate output
  • Left and Right audio outputs
  • Full RemoteTM and automation support

Download the User Guide and Remote Map Template.