Clapper is a synthetic hand clapper module for VCV Rack.

    The sound engine in Clapper is based on the filtered white noise design of the classic Roland TR-808, and we think you will recognize the sound. However, using the built-in controls, you can shape that classic sound into almost anything. And, Clapper comes with a true stereo mode for a more updated sound.


    • Real-time synthesis based on the Roland TR-808 hand clap (no samples)
    • TONE – controls the filter cutoff frequency, shaping the timbre
    • DECAY – shorten or lengthen both the initial transients and tail
    • MIX – sets the level for the white noise tail part of the clap
    • True stereo (separate white noise generators for L and R channels)
    • 808 style clap for VCV Rack
    • Full control of sound
    • True stereo

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