Hand Clap Studio

Bring the energy and excitement of live handclaps to your music production with Hand Clap Studio. Our advanced audio plugin offers a wide range of natural-sounding claps and snaps to perfectly fit any genre or style.

Whether you’re looking for soft and dry finger snaps for your acoustic ballad, or hard-hitting claps soaked in reverb for your next club banger, Hand Clap Studio gives you the power to customize and enhance your handclap and snap sounds. With intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, adding live handclaps to your music has never been easier.

Upgrade your productions and add the dynamic touch of live handclaps today with Hand Clap Studio.

Full sound control

Close-up of front panel.

With Hand Clap Studio, you have full sound control at your fingertips. Easily adjust the number of clappers, their clapping style, stereo positioning, and timing to find the perfect sound for your mix.

Utilize the Close and Room mic controls to add depth and dimension to your handclaps and take advantage of the built-in reverb from Atlantis’ own Echo Chamber.

Custom-designed EQ and compression allow you to tailor the handclaps to fit seamlessly into your mix, while the intuitive display provides instant visual feedback of your settings.

High quality samples

Experience high-quality handclap and snap samples captured by a professional percussionist in the legendary Atlantis Studio, using a collection of vintage microphones. With 4 separate clap types, 5 velocity levels and plenty of round robins, Hand Clap Studio offers over 700 samples for a truly natural sound.

Pelle Jacobsson clapping in the studio.

Play the way you want

Close-up of internal sequencer.

Take control of your handclap patterns with the built-in 16 step sequencer, which directly starts clapping on beats 2 and 4 and offers 3 accent levels and Slide functionality.

And for even more versatility, record MIDI directly into your DAW’s sequencer. With Hand Clap Studio, you have the freedom to create handclap patterns that match your unique musical vision.


  • Four Clap Types: Basic, Bright, Soft & Snap
  • 5 Velocity Layers and 13 Round Robins
  • Close, Room and Echo Chamber microphones
  • Up to 8 Clappers
  • Display with Clapper and room visualisation
  • 16 step sequencer with 2 patterns
  • 3 Accent Levels per sequencer step
  • EQ and Compressor
  • VST3, AU and AAX formats

Download the Hand Clap Studio User Guide.

Product highlights

  • Add live energy to your music realistic claps and snaps
  • Tailor sound and effects with advanced controls
  • Upgrade your production with 700+ high-quality samples from Atlantis Studio

Download demo

20 minutes fully functional demo:

Audio demos

System Requirements

  • VST3, AU or AAX host
  • 64bit Windows
  • macOS 10.13 or higher (Silicon supported)
  • 300MB disk space
  • Pro Tools 11.3 or later required for the AAX version