Obscura – Dark Synthesis

Delve into the abyss of sound with Obscura – Dark Synthesis, an audioscape essential for composers and sound designers seeking the darkest cinematic tones. With the masterful composer RenĂ© G Boscio at its core, this collection crafts expansive, epic, and ominous textures ideal for the grand canvas of film and beyond.

Its unique palette ranges from enigmatic synth lines to engulfing ambiances and drones, punctuated by haunting piano echoes and intricate effects. Perfectly balanced for a sinister sonic narrative, Obscura is your gateway to a realm where dark meets darker in a symphony of shadows.

Elevate your production with this unmatched collection of deep, textural sound designs.


  • 13 Cassettes with matching samples
  • 52 loop samples
  • ~500 MB of samples
  • Long evolving loops

Product highlights

  • Dark organic tape loops
  • A wide variety of BPMs and keys
  • Loop types to choose from like drones, sequences, atmospheres, etc.

Audio demos

System Requirements

  • Portatron 1.2 or higher
  • 600 MB disk space