A tone knob for your modular!

Combined HP and LP

Combining a highpass and lowpass filter in the same knob, the Tilter module for VCV Rack is ideal for quickly and easily controlling the overall tonal character of your sound.

CV and stereo

With CV control and stereo audio, it can be applied as both a dynamic effect for individual sound components, as well as a mastering effect.


  • Tilt – This knob sets the cutoff frequency for the filters.
    • Negative settings: 12dB/octave lowpass filter 20Hz – 18kHz
    • 0 = bypass
    • Positive settings: 12dB/octave highpass filter 20Hz – 18kHz
  • Mod – The Tilt frequency can be CV-modulated. The modulation amount is bipolar.
  • Stereo audio – Dual audio channels makes Tilter suitable for mixing and mastering.
  • Normalled inputs/outputs – If you only use L input, the audio is normalled to both L and R outputs. If you only use L output, L and R inputs are mixed (mono).
  • Fast and musical filtering with one knob
  • CV-controllable
  • Stereo audio

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