Accent shortcuts in HCS

Most of the controls in Hand Clap Studio are pretty straight forward: tweak them and you will instantly hear the effect. But there are a couple of features that are not so obvious, so we thought we’d demonstrate them.

First of all, there is an Accent switch in the Rhythm Xpander to enter triggers in three different strengths: hard, mid and soft. But you can also use keyboard modifiers to directly access the accents:

  • [Shift] + click for hard
  • [Alt] or [Option] + click for soft
  • [Ctrl] or [Cmd] + click for forcing mid (overwrite current accent]

Also, you can use [Ctrl] or [Cmd] and click any control to reset it to its default value. And [Shift] while dragging to get finer precision.

Stay tuned for more quick tips!