Sending and receiving CV outside Reason has never been easier!

  • Exchange CV signals with hardware synthesizers, or software like VCV Rack and Reaktor
  • Each channel can be named and visually monitored for better overview
  • CV via audio provides high resolution and low latency



  • 8 channels of Audio-CV conversion per device
  • 32-bit resolution (compared to 7-bit for MIDI CC)
  • Same latency as your audio driver
  • Bipolar activity LEDs (red for negative, green for positive), both on the front and back panels
  • Name label for each channel, both on the front and back panels
  • Integrates perfectly with modular audio interfaces like Expert Sleepers ES-3, ES-6 and ES-8
  • Works with Soundflower (Mac) and Virtual Audio Cable (PC) to connect with external apps
  • Connect to multiple inputs/outputs on Reason’s Plugin Device to integrate with capable VSTs
  • Not suitable for pitch CV since standards differ a lot between systems (for sending pitch CV we recommend using the Silent Way Voice Controller RE

Download the User Guide for more details.