EC-1 Electro Clapper

EC-1 Electro Clapper is a synthetic hand clapper for Reason, based on the hand clap found in the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine.

But we’ve gone beyond that by adding true stereo and several knobs to tweak the sound to your taste. Everything can be automated and CV-controlled to really make the clap sound come to life in your tracks.

Synthesize This

Block Diagram

EC-1’s sound engine is heavily based on the hand clap synthesizer found in the classic drum machine Roland TR-808, with specially made envelopes to get just the right sound. But this device goes way beyond the original: EC-1 gives you precise control over the filter frequency, decay and ambience level, and it even adds a true stereo mode!

The Kong Expander

EC-1 Connected to Kong

Did you ever wish that Kong had a synthesized hand clap module? Just hook EC-1 right into Kong and you’re ready to go! You can make one of Kong’s pads trigger the clap via CV, and you can even route the sound back into Kong to share master effects with the other drum sounds.

Kickstart Rhythms

Rhythm Selection Buttons

EC-1, just like its sister device AC-1, comes with preset rhythms to help you get you started quickly. Choose between 4 classic patterns, each with a unique fill variation. The rhythm will also be sent to the Gate output so you can use it to control other devices.


  • Real-time synthesis based on the Roland TR-808 hand clap
  • Stereo:  On/Off
  • Frequency:  200 – 6,000 Hz
  • Decay:  5 – 5,000 ms
  • Ambience Mix:  0 – 100%
  • Intensity:  20 – 100%
  • Auto Rhythm with 4 preset patterns:  PopHouseDub and All 4
  • One fill variation per pattern, triggered by the Fill-In button
  • CV Gate input (velocity sensitive)
  • CV Modulation inputs (with trim knobs):  Frequency, Decay, Ambience Mix, Intensity
  • CV Gate output
  • Left and Right audio outputs
  • Full RemoteTM and automation support

Remote Map Template.txt

  • Classic 808 handclap synthesis – No samples!
  • Built-in preset rhythm patterns
  • True stereo and highly tweakable