• Elementary

Elementary Logic Gates

Use logic gates to generate CV patterns!

It’s logical!

Elementary is a pattern generator device that uses a chain of logic gates to combine three input signals. You can use the three built-in tempo-synced pulse generators (clocks), or you can connect the external CV signals of your choice.

Front and back

Finding interesting patterns is easy thanks to the activity LEDs that are visible on both the front and back of the device.

Play from keyboard

You can also override the inputs and outputs of Elementary using a MIDI keyboard and sequencer track.

MIDI Key Chart


  • Gate pattern generator with 3 inputs and 12 outputs
  • Three tempo-synced pulse generators (clocks) with individual On/Off, Rate, Gate Width and Invert controls
  • Global Slide and Shuffle controls that affect all three clocks
  • A chain of 12 logic gates based on the boolean functions NAND, NOR, XNOR and NOT
  • Activity LEDs for all output signals, both on front and back of the device
  • External inputs that accept any type of CV signal
  • Manual trigger button for each input
  • CV modulation inputs for all knobs
  • Full automation and Remote support
  • MIDI note overrides for the inputs and outputs

Remote Map Template.txt

  • Easily find interesting patterns using the LEDs
  • Patterns can be derived from any CV signals
  • Full automation and CV control