Orbit LoFi Ambient Dark

Orbit – Lofi Ambient is a trinity of ambient sound collections covering an expansive range of emotion, each impressed by the dreamy quality for which lofi is adored. Immersed in analog tape, stompbox effects, and modular and standalone synthesis, these dusky sound abstractions are ideal for any cinematic or creative production. The Dark Pack features shadowy cinematic textures, rolling out intriguing drones and building long, evolving passages.


  • 20 Cassettes with matching samples
  • 50+ loop samples
  • 1 GB of samples
  • Long evolving loops – 60 seconds to over 90 seconds

Developer contact

Sans Fin vol. 1 is developed by SonalSystem LLC. Please note that if you buy a Portapack and accept being contacted for news, offers and updates, we will share your name and email address with the developer.

Product highlights

  • 4-track format for Portatron
  • A wide variety of BPMs and keys
  • Loop types to choose from like drones, sequences, atmospheres, etc.

Audio demos

System Requirements

  • Portatron 1.2 or higher
  • 700 MB disk space