Select CV Switch

    Select CV Switch lets you choose which one of 8 CV input pairs (Channels) that should be sent out to the only CV output pair.

    The main use for this device is to add pattern capabilities to other devices, but it’s also possible to use it to select between different modulation sources.


    • 8 channel CV switch with 2 inputs per channel
    • Channels are selected using front panel buttons that can be automated and Remote™ controlled
    • New in 1.1.0: You can also select channels using MIDI keys C3-C4
    • The Snap setting ensures that channel switches occur in time with the music
    • Snap values :   4/4,   1/4,   1/8,   1/8T,   1/16,   1/16T,   1/32,   Off
    • Each channel can be labeled with free text
    • Automation data appears in a single automation lane
    • One Select can control several others using a “daisy chain” of CV cables
    • Select is “buffered”, i e it keeps track of value changes on inactive channels
    • Snap can also be automated
    • Auto Mute on Stop switch that disables the outputs when Reason’s transport is stopped

    Remote Map Template.txt

    • Easily switch between up to 8 CV sources
    • Can switch channels in time with the music
    • Control it via automation, MIDI keys or CV