Sequences is a polyphonic step sequencer in the Rack.

    With Sequences you can play your favourite instruments directly from the rack. Featuring 32 steps, 8 patterns and tons of tweakability, Sequences offers a completely new way of making music in Reason.

    Product details

    With both Step and Realtime Recording Modes, you easily get your pattern up and running the way you want to. Features like step timing handles, and global scaling of velocity and note length, allows you to tweak your pattern in an instant. And with four different Playback Modes combined with Keyboard or CV Transpose, the creative possibilities are endless!

    • Step and Realtime Recording
    • 4 Playback Modes (Looped, 1-Shot, Gated, Stepped)
    • 8 Patterns
    • 32 Steps per Pattern
    • Global controls for Velocity, Note Length, Rate, Slide, and Shuffle
    • Keyboard, CV and Manual Transpose
    • Full note editing directly in the display, including selecting, deleting and copying notes
    • Velocity and Octave Edit Lanes
    • Reset and Auto Reset for evolving patterns
    • Tools Menu (Reset Notes Length, Notes Side By Side, Reverse, Duplicate)
    • Combine with other Players for endless possibilities
    • Great automation and Remote support
    • CV inputs for Reset, Trig, Transpose, Velocity and Note Length Scaling

    Changes in 1.1:

    • Added patch browser
    • Added Length and CV lanes
    • Added CV outputs for CV1, CV2 and Velocity
    • Lane values are now displayed when you draw while holding Shift or Cmd/Ctrl
    • Various bug fixes and enhancements

    Changes in 1.1.2:

    • Bug fix: Pattern could sometimes go out of sync when looping Reason’s transport
    • Polyphonic Step Sequencer
    • Step and Realtime Recording
    • Endless creative possibilities