Unlock the warmth of cassette sounds with SonalSampler, a free sound library tailored for the innovative Portatron tape instrument audio plugin. Designed for music producers, sound designers, and enthusiasts of vintage audio charm, SonalSampler serves as a treasure trove of sonic potential.

A wide sound pallette

SonalSampler contains one 4-track cassette patch each from the 14 Portapacks released by SonalSystem so far. From no-tempo drones to synthwave song starters. Download now and check out the evocative and meticulously crafted soundscapes!


  • 14 Cassettes with matching samples
  • 56 loop samples
  • 500 MB of samples

Developer contact

Sans Fin vol. 1 is developed by SonalSystem LLC. Please note that if you buy a Portapack and accept being contacted for news, offers and updates, we will share your name and email address with the developer.

Product highlights

  • Free demo Portapack
  • 14 cassette patches in various styles
  • 50+ loops samples you can use

System Requirements

  • Portatron 1.2 or higher
  • 600 MB disk space