TM-1 Trigger Multiplexer

TM-1 Trigger Multiplexer allows you to connect multi-gate rack sequencers like Redrum, Propulsion, Euclid, Elementary and more, to instruments that only have the standard Gate and Note CV input pair. This opens up a whole new palette of drum instruments and sounds to use: NN-XT, Combinators and VSTs.


TM-1 Trigger Multiplexer takes 16 gate inputs and combines them all on a single CV/Gate pair, assigning each input its own note number. This means that you can use trigger sequencers to control instruments without separate trigger inputs. For example, you can use different channels on Euclid or Redrum to trigger separate notes on an NN-XT or a VST plugin.

Write Note Clips

You can also use TM-1 to bounce drum patterns from pattern devices to sequencer tracks in Reason! Check out the User Guide for mor info on how to do this.

Embed quick tip video #1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWiGB6Xmu3g

For more tips and tricks, check out this playlist!


  • Multiplexing of 16 gate CV signals to Note and Gate CV
  • Converts all inputs signals to 10ms triggers
  • Pre-routed Combi patches for all popular rack sequencers
  • Patches with different key mappings
  • Channel name labels
  • MIDI learn mode for note settings
  • Audition of note setting (can be switched off)
  • Mute and Solo for all channels
  • Gate out for each channel, which means you can use TM-1 as a Drum Trigger (MIDI to CV Gate) and Remapper (using two instances). Check out the included Combi patches!
  • Clear Mute and Solo buttons
  • Enable Outputs setting
  • Full automation support
  • Can be used to write sequencer patterns into Note Clips (see Quick Tip video #1)
  • Play any drum instrument from multi-gate rack sequencers like Redrum or Propulsion
  • 16 channels with target note setting, Mute & Solo, name label and activity LED
  • Can also write rack sequencer patterns into Note Clips in Reason’s sequencer