Free SonalSampler Portapack!

Dive into the world of vintage audio with the newly released SonalSampler, a complimentary demo collection from the SonalSystem‘s Portapack series, specially designed for the Portatron tape instrument plugin. With an array of 14 unique cassette patches and over 50 loop samples, SonalSampler invites you to experience a preview of the rich and diverse sounds available through the full SonalSystem Portapacks.

Embark on a sonic exploration with loops that bring the authentic vibe of tape sound right into your studio. From the comfort of your workspace, you can now infuse your projects with the character and warmth that only classic cassette tapes can offer.

Don’t miss out on this auditory treat – download SonalSampler for free today and start weaving the essence of tape into your musical tapestry!