Compare CV Scope

    A visual CV processor that helps you visualize, tweak and combine your CV signals in real time.

    Each of the four input channels come with their own set of controls to ScaleOffset and Mute the signals, with instant visual feedback in the CV Scope. All with full automation support, of course.

    Compare anything

    Apart from viewing all the signals on top of each other in the Overlay view, you can also instantly view the Minimum and Maximum values of all the inputs combined:

    You can also view the signals side by side in the Lanes view, for instance if you want to compare the different outputs of Euclid:


    Compare has eight CV outputs that are all available at the same time. One for each channel, and one for each of the combined signals: Minimum, Maximum, Sum and Product.


    • 4 channel CV scope
    • Lanes and overlay view modes
    • The scope view can be frozen
    • Horizontal zoom that ranges from 0.5s to 10s time span
    • Per-channel controls: Scale, offset and mute
    • Channel controls are fully automatable
    • Separate output for each channel
    • Four combined signal outputs: Min, Max, Sum, Product
    • The combined signals are also visualized in the scope in real time

    Remote Map Template.txt

    • Great visualization of your CV signals
    • Shape and transform the signals
    • Freeze and Zoom